Give it Away

tra11Yesterday was the feast day of Saint Francis of Assisi. Following the rules of social media management I probably should have made a big fuss online about the day and posted some brilliant observations.

I hope you had a happy feast day. I was at the United States Catholic missions conference in Houston all weekend and flew home last night. It was a great conference. At the heart of missions is the idea that it’s just about being with other people. It’s about accompaniment. It’s about people knowing that they’re not alone because you were there with them. At the conference they asked us to sum up mission in three words. The three words I chose came from a talk by A bishop from a diocese on the border with Mexico. Food and music. He is an awesome Shepherd who spends time with people where they are enjoying their food and enjoying their music. As I’ve been thinking about and learning about Francis for these years I would say that he would also be about accompaniment. This is so simple. It’s not about programs or big budgets or fame or anything else.

I posted the photo below to represent how I spent my feast day yesterday traveling. Even while traveling and in the middle of our busy lives who needs our company? How do we share our company with others? That’s all you have to give when it comes right down to it. Give it away.


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