St. Francis, Biographied



1.  More biographies have been written about __________ than about any person in history.

a.) St. Francis of Assisi

Answer: a.)St. Francis of Assisi

How did you score? I hope you did well. It feels good to do well on quizzes in magazines and blogs. It is true that our humble, lowly, earthy hero, Francis, has been the focus of more biographies than any other person. Isn’t that just how things go? You spend your life seeking out humility and giving credit to God for all creatures great and small and then a few hundred years later,  someone invents the printing press and then a few years later, somebody starts the tsunami of books about you. I guess it is true that the last shall be first. I’ll try a little more humility in the next few days and see if I can at least get a shout-out on a facebook post. Live small, aim small, that is one way to approach life. 

We can guess (or, to use a popular word these days, deduce) that there are about as many versions of Saint Francesco d’Assisi  as there are authors writing about him. It is hard to get a good picture of the person when we only focus on what others have written about him.. I’m a big fan of his writings for this reason. If you really want to get to know St. Francis of Assisi, I’d suggest that you purchase yourself a copy of his book of writings by New City Press called Francis of Assisi: Early Documents (Volume 1). You can find it for about $20 online, cheaper at the end of semesters.






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